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Our Company has been working in the ornamental horticultural sector for more than 60 years and in particular we have always specialized in the production of rose plants for cut-flower production.
In all these years we have gained and perfected multifarious knowledge that has today carried us finally to the creation of two new types of plant: PATPLANT® and AUTOPLANT®.

It regards new plants that, while traditional in concept, are evolved in the sense that they respond to the needs of today’s growers:

  • earlier production
  • “strong” bud graft
  • ideal for soilless cultvation, but also perfect for growing in soil
  • above average life-span

To all those who are interested, we will be pleased to provide further detailed information about these two types of plants, in order to grasp this new opportunity.

Plants must be ordered in time to guarantee the necessary priority; we have prepared for you very reasonable offers concerning methods of payment!


In the temperate climate of the Mediterranean zones, local custom and traditions have basically always used Indica Major as rootstock.
Our meticulous research on exceptionally large numbers – constantly assessing diverse vegetative behaviour of milions of plants and thousands of cultivated varieties with lots of different root-stocks – has allowed us to reach a refined selection of two healthy and vigorous root-stocks during the course of the last 50 years,




The success of our nursery is due principally to the exclusive patrimony of these two root-stocks that cannot be copied because it requires a costly and enduring technique of propagation and cultivation on the nursery – that by now one can define as philosophy – it could not be otherwise.
Many loyal nurserymen are our best ambassadors and witnesses.

Autoplant® is a fast system to quickly obtain a bud-grafted plant without the stress of transplanting! Plants are grafted in our greenhouse thereby bringing production forward. Consignment all-year-round with reserve orders Guaranteed 100% rooting

From today, there is Patplant®, the new healthy plant, ready to grow, bud-grafted on Vera Indica Major
The plant that bends but does not break!
Exclusive varietial selection of Patrucco.
Consignment all-year-round with reserve orders
Guaranteed 100% rooting

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