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In 1946 Luciano Patrucco began his activity as nurseryman starting with the harvesting and selection of Indica Major rootstocks that were growing on the hillsides in the province of Imperia (Liguria); “the wild species” was often used to enclose land in the local countryside.

So, starting from scratch to arrive, in time, at the “rooting” of principles and strategies born of sacrifice and passion and from his experience as founder. Later, he became a teacher to other nurserymen often repeating that “the nursery reflects life itself”.

Up to the present day, the company has always been characterized as a family operation, precisely to maintain an originality that guarantees a unique service to its clients in the sector.
The nursery extends to about 15 hectares at Diano San Pietro, in a Mediterranean microclimate that has rendered legendary the floriculture of the Riviera dei Fiori.

The techniques used to produce the young plants have always respected nature and its seasons without pointless forcing: a unique production philosophy, born from lessons, from perseverance and from typical ligurian traditions. Production has always been monocultural: "the rose in all its aspects”, something that has allowed us to acquire a renowned capacity in the sector, at all levels, for the selection of plant varieties.
The "Selezione Patrucco" signifies “Made in Italy” for regular clients throughout the world, both for our rose plants and our rose varieties created together with the best plant breeders.
All this has grown in time with dedication, sacrifice and intuition that have forged a continuous attachment with the third generation, in the awareness that a nursery must above all constitute a grand family that encompasses: staff, technicians, growers, clients and the final users of the that most excellent flower: THE ROSE.
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